You are currently viewing Digital Journal: “How To Make Your Money Smile At You” – Insights From Ken Honda

Digital Journal: “How To Make Your Money Smile At You” – Insights From Ken Honda

By Digital Journal, Published June 25, 2019

The words “money” and “happiness” often appear in the same sentence, but hardly in a strange combination such as “Happy Money”. But unknown to many, money can be happy, or at least that is what Ken Honda Believes. Ken believes that money indeed makes our world go round. It can lighten up the spirits of a grumpy wife and can rekindle fading love. Through money, we can successfully pursue our studies as well as start and run a business venture. Essentially, we can use money to acquire all the joys of this world. Ken argues, how then wouldn’t money be happy if happiness is a feeling it deals in sufficient measure?

But while Ken believes in money’s ability to bring joy, he is also cognizance of its potential to cause sadness. Ken argues that money can make our lives stressful and full of frustrations and fear, but only if we try to push it away unconsciously. According to Ken, the ability of money to cause happiness is directly proportional to its potential to cause sadness. It all depends on whether we embrace it or cast it away. Therefore, Ken decided to come up with a book entitled Happy Money. The main intention was to enlighten people on how to wisely spend their money for the betterment of their lives and the lives of those close to them.

What Do You Learn?

Happy Money is all about spending your money to enjoy the goodness of life. The book is dedicated to two groups of people. Those that can’t seem to get enough money and those that have it but aren’t so sure how to use it for their happiness. It is important to remember that our happiness is pegged on the comforts money can afford. For instance, you cannot be happy if you consistently long to travel to an exotic destination but do not have enough money to actualize that dream.

Indeed, how many people do we have out there whose dreams of furthering their studies were nipped in the bud by their apparent lack of money? Whichever way you look at it, money is everything. It is what you need to pursue careers, nurture relationships and essentially spread the happiness around the world. Indeed, Ken, through the Happy Money also believes you need money to make more money. His book, though relatively new in the literature market, is already transforming lives.

That is why there are already several positive reviews to its name.

Who Is Ken?

Ken is a living testimony that the Happy Money book works. Through this book, he has amassed a lot of wealth and is now on a mission to help millions of Japanese people transform their perspectives about money.

And since he did not believe in simply sitting on his knowledge, he came up with a book that brings together his experience and teachings in the whole art of money management.

Ken is not only a bestselling author, but also a podcaster.

You Can Get Your Copy Now!

Getting your money to smile at you is an art. Thankfully, Ken Honda has done much of the homework for us and presented the most practical solutions through his book, Happy Money.

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