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30 Seconds: A Happy Financial Future – 3 Ways to Live in Harmony With Your Money

By Ken Honda, Published on September 11, 2020

We don’t have to live in fear when it comes to money, yet most of us are living that way. It’s a lifestyle that we learned from our parents and grandparents, but there is another way to live. When we feel more relaxed about money, we feel more at ease about the future, and when we feel confident about the future, we make better decisions and live more joyfully.

  • Express gratitude when you receive money: Any time you receive money – whether it’s your paycheck, a gift from a loved one, a prize or scholarship or even a dollar you find on the street – consciously and sincerely express gratitude and appreciation. Practice the art of receiving money gratefully and gracefully, without resentment or hesitation.
  • Focus on having enough: It’s human nature to constantly look for what’s next, what more we want or need, and what we don’t currently have. If you’re looking to reduce money stress in your life, though, focusing on the goodness and abundance all around you is key! Take the time to focus on having enough. It’s hard to thrive from a place of worry and focusing on lack, so focus on knowing you have what you need to live and you will naturally begin to relax around the money that is in your life and invite more abundance to flow your way.
  • Give money generously and joyfully: From paying your bills, to paying a repair person who has come to your home, to paying for your groceries, to buying a present for a friend, being in the flow of “happy money” not only means happily receiving money and being with the money you have; it also means happily letting the money flow from you with joy and gratitude when the time is right.

You can begin to create a relaxed and happy financial future today by changing the way you interact with money. Stress less, enjoy more and naturally attract more opportunities for happy money, happy moments and happy people into your life.


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