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The Tony Durso Show: Happy Money Healing

By Tony Durso | Published April 19, 2023

Ken was 29 when he first “retired” to welcome his newborn daughter in the world. At the time, he thought he was “done” with work. He had owned a successful consultant and accounting business, so successful it had allowed him to close up shop and spend his days with the apple of his eye.

Little did he realize his “second” career, impacting millions by helping them heal their relationship with money, was about to begin.

“My book, Happy Money, is the combined wisdom of many of my mentors as well as my own observations. By understanding the emotions that often unconsciously rule us around money we can break the unhealthy patterns that keep us trapped in a stressful and unhappy life.”

In this episode, Ken and Tony dive into the importance of healing your broken, damaged relationship with money. Take a listen and transform your life!

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