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Feminine Roadmap: The Zen Art of Happy Money

By Gina R. Farrar

Today on Feminine Roadmap we are talking about money, not just any money but HAPPY money. Yes, you read that right, happy money. My guest Ken Honda is the Zen Millionaire and he is on a mission to help people to develop a healthy, happy relationship with money.

Ken believes that how we feel about money greatly impacts every area of our lives. He began his fascination with money at a young age when he was taught to think about money as a vehicle. If we can switch from live to work over to work to live, seeing money as a tool then we begin to take positive steps toward happy money.

Ken says that there are three key relationships that people have with money- it is either master, slave or best friend. Do we feel squeezed by money or freed by money? Do we look at money with irritation or with gratitude? If money were a person, would it be a friend or an enemy?

Ken encourages listeners with practical ways to begin to improve their relationship with money. His zen approach is a powerful way to see money as a partner, being able to thank it both coming and going, beautifully letting it go and receiving it. His fresh take on how to start where you are with what you have with an attitude of gratitude and abundance will help us create happy money.

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