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Gratitude Changes Everything

By Ken Honda | Published December 27, 2022

Living in the Happy Money flow is much more expansive than simply being “wealthy” based on the numbers in your bank account.  Finding and living from an abundant place looks like a very rich dance that is enjoyable for your body and your mind! Imagine, you are worry free and you get to share your resources (both physical and energetic) with your friends, family and community. Imagine, your days are planned around the things you like to do, and amazing opportunities that you may not have anticipated, fall into your lap frequently and consistently!

Don’t we all want to live this way?

One of the main reasons people get stuck along the way to having financial freedom, is their past. The memories of life being difficult seem just too strong to overcome! But, you can begin opening up doors for yourself today by focusing on the small things that you already have in your life that bring you joy and positivity.

Can you think of three things that you are grateful for right now?

By noticing these positive things, you change the flow of your day and your life. Right away you start to free yourself of the thoughts or memories that would hold you back from enjoyment and peace. Practice saying “Arigato In, Arigato Out” and having gratitude for every exchange you make for the rest of the day, and take notice of how much things shift!

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