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For over 25 years, Ken Honda has been a revolutionary and inspirational voice in Japan on subjects from personal development to entrepreneurship to prosperity, with book sales surpassing 8 million copies, and regularly sold out seminars and events with audiences reaching up to 500,000.

Ken’s message of transformation and hope is one that will inspire and motivate your audience.

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Ken is currently available for virtual events. He is hoping that it will be feasible to participate in live events again soon.

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What event bookers are saying about Ken

“We enjoyed having Ken Honda as a keynote speaker at our Global Convention.  Ken’s wisdom and unique take on changing people’s money mindset was truly impactful.  Attendees from around the world enjoyed the enlightening presentation and Ken’s interactive Q&A.”

–Danielle Velazco
Director of Global Events, BNI

“We want to thank Mr. Ken Honda for his magnificent and inspiring talk at The Best You EXPO, not only he delivered a great inspirational and thought-provoking talk but he also supported the event greatly. Mr. Ken Honda and his team brought lots of great quality customers to our EXPO. We want to thank him and his team and look forward to working with him in a near future.”

–Bernardo Moya
Founder & Chief Inspiration officer, Best You Expo
“It was magical! Ken really inspired our community and our team with his personal and friendly manner! His participation was inspiring, fresh, and special – and we could learn so much! We think he is not just great – he is amazing! We are looking forward to having him at many more events!”
Speaker & Coach Relations Manager, Greator
“Ken has a unique and highly valuable approach to money. His Zen-like teachings about money as an energy form and the importance of healing one’s money wounds is deeply transformative. I’m so glad he is finally sharing his knowledge with the western world.”
–Yann Weibel
Head of Content, Younity

Ken talks about...

Money EQ

Why do incredibly intelligent people often make terrible, destructive, life altering decisions when it comes to money? In our society we tend to believe that the more we increase our practical knowledge of how to make money (Money IQ), the better off we’ll be. Ken Honda believes there is so much more to it. The fact is that people of all levels of income are capable of living rich and fulfilled lives, but scarcity mindset makes many of us believe otherwise. That is why Ken believes that emotional intelligence with money (Money EQ) is equally as important.

In this talk Ken will share the benefits of increasing your Money EQ and present the basic principles; Receiving and accepting money well, Appreciating and enjoying money, Trusting in the flow of money, and Sharing money well.

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Is your money smiling?

Happy money & unhappy money

Money can smile! Isn’t that odd? Ken Honda believes that money is energy, not a physical piece of paper or a metal coin that you collectin our pockets. Because money is energy he says that it takes on the emotional charge of what you put into it.

In this talk Ken describes the ways that we imbue money with positive and negative energy and how that affects the conscious and unconscious decisions we make with our money. Ask yourself, if money were a person, who would it be? A kind, gentle, welcomed friend? Or, a cold, mean, monster who is sitting on your chest and causing anxiety?

Ken will talk about how we bring these feelings into our relationship with money and what we can do to transform our relationship with money so that we are continually inviting in a trusted friend.

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Doing what you LOVE

Finding your passion and hidden talents

One of the biggest driving factors in our relationship with money is in how we earn it. When we spend our time doing work we don’t like, we tend to resent the money we are paid, oftentimes unconsciously perpetuating self-destructive behaviors such as doing our best to get rid of our money as soon as we receive it. However, finding your passion or unique talents and gifts is not always easy and we often struggle to visualize how we can utilize our gifts to create a prosperous life.

In this talk Ken will talk about how you can discover your passions and gifts, and how this can bless not only your life, but the lives of all of those around you once you start sharing them effectively through doing the work that you love.

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Giving as a way of life

Be a #Givefluencer

Ken’s biggest goal in his life is to impact the world by sharing the importance of generosity. We all know that giving feels good. What you may not be aware of is when feelings of scarcity prevent you from being generous and how that can negatively affect you, keeping you trapped in negative cycles that are likely blinding you to and preventing you from realizing your potential.

In this talk Ken will talk about how scarcity and wealth affects our thinking around generosity and how acts of giving from the small and seemingly mundane to the large gestures change lives and have a major impact. Giving can be done regardless of your finances and the benefits of giving far outweigh the benefits of not. Learn how having a mindset of giving and generosity as a life compass can positively impact you as much as the hearts and lives of the people you touch.

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Your money personality type

The first step to healing your unhappy money beliefs

Choosing to live a life with positive and healthy money beliefs begins with understanding how you are relating with your money right now. Your money personality type is a reflection of the combined experiences and influences you’ve grown up with, from your parents and siblings, to your friends and peers. When you understand the positives and negatives of your own unique pattern you can then intentionally choose to replace the beliefs that are no longer serving you with beliefs that support your goals and a prosperous life.

In this talk Ken breaks down the 3 major money personality types that we all fall into and the 7 specific money personality types that reflect our money habits and values.

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If you would like to book Ken for media, radio, television, podcasts, or invite him to write a guest article for your publication or blog, please refer to his publicist.

“Ken Honda’s wisdom, intellect, success, and achievement combined with his spirituality, love, and compassion make him the perfect person to bring forth this conversation about healing and happiness.”
–Lisa Nichols
New York Times bestselling author of Abundance Now