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Choosing Peace is Always an Option

By Ken Honda | Published February 8, 2022

As we begin the new year, is it helpful to have touchstones that support us in creating a life filled with appreciation. If we can practice compassion, gratitude, and humility whenever we remember, we will be turning the tides towards peacefulness for ourselves and our peers.

Nobody is perfect, and at times we will forget, or life may send us a curve-ball causing irritation or impatience may take over and that’s okay! We can just look at this as another opportunity to practice feelings of compassion by directing it towards ourselves. 

Can you recall a recent time when pausing and redirecting your energy would have been helpful?

What’s important is how you react when you realize you’re off track – You can choose to be upset, or you can choose to shift into a state of gratitude again. The wheel of life keeps turning and it’s great to remember that every new moment we have a choice!


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