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Attracting Prosperity in a Post-Vaccine World

By Michael Brewer – Guest contributor | Published May 21, 2021

Embracing Uncertainty

When the COVID-19 pandemic first emerged, some of the greatest concerns people had were economic. Not only did the pandemic present a direct threat to our lives, but it also indirectly threatened our collective livelihoods.

This brought many into a mindset of scarcity and fearfulness. Yet, it simultaneously brought others into a mindset of abundance and gratitude, inspiring them to share what they could with others in need.

The only real difference between people who reacted fearfully and those who responded lovingly was a pattern of thought—a choice we always have to reject or embrace uncertainty. It generally doesn’t matter how much monetary or material wealth one has. What matters is how grateful we are for what we have and how willing we are to share with others.

Navigating a Post-Vaccine World

Now we are heading into an era of new possibilities and great potentials for abundance in all areas of life. The social isolation we’ve been experiencing during the pandemic has been a great teacher of the value of all relationships—whether that be our relationships with people, money, or both.

At this time of facing many unknowns about what the future will hold, there’s a great opportunity to embrace the emergence of a new lease on life with gratitude and an attitude of abundance.

As quarantine restrictions are lifted and social isolation lessens, we have a chance to collectively practice routines and patterns of thought that generate the kinds of emotions and outcomes we wish to invite into our lives. We can develop relationships of love with ourselves, others, and money.

Seeing Money for What it Is

Money is a tool (a neutral value) that can be used and yielded with any intention or emotion we wish. When we receive or give money, it is a social act. We are relating to one another through giving and receiving while using money as a conductor for transferring energy. The kind of energy we imbue money with is up to us.

From a logical perspective, the energies and emotions we carry with us during the day have a significant impact on all our social interactions. In turn, these social interactions have a network effect of attracting the energy we put out.

As is true for any standardized and widely used tool throughout our civilization, money can be used and infused with fear or love. It can aim to reach any outcome, and the best outcomes are those we strive toward consciously with specific intentions.

For example, if a cranky customer hastily throws their cash and change on a coffee shop counter for a barista to count, they unconsciously imbue that money with negativity and thanklessness. Alternatively, when a good samaritan gives money to a homeless person and their faces light up with joy, this infuses that money with kindness and positive vibes.

If we use money unconsciously, it will yield unintended and often undesirable consequences.

Attracting Prosperity Amid Uncertainty

You can only focus on one thing at any given time. Your thoughts and emotions are rooted in fear or love.

A subtle (yet powerful) practice Ken recommends is to reconcile your relationship with money by taking a moment to personify and speak with money—using your wallet, a dollar bill, or any other physical object that symbolizes money in your life. 

If Money were a person, who would it be? Would it be a kind and generous friend you welcome warmly into your life? If you’ve projected negative feelings or thoughts on money, you may have made money out to be a cold and mean foe.

Whatever form this person takes, work to reconcile your relationship with them. Recognize that any rifts between the two of you were purely a consequence of misunderstanding one another. Talk with this individual about what you’ve been through together, focusing first on your feelings toward them. Imagine them talking back to you, picturing how they may feel toward you as a result of all you’ve been through together. Consider how they have been acting in your life and why they have been behaving that way.

The next step is to make friends with money like you would with any person you’d like to get closer to. You start to get to know each other and talk with each other about the kind of relationship and future you want to have together.

If you regularly perform this practice with sincerity and a sense of gratitude for what you already have, you’ll begin to notice many positive shifts in your life and you will be on the road to happy money. 

More techniques for enhancing your relationship with money can be found in Ken’s DailyOM course (The Japanese Art of Happy Money). This course forms a foundation for inviting happy money into your life.


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